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Application - John [not accepted] Empty Application - John [not accepted]

Post  John The Crusader on Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:30 am

What is your name in Warband and on TaleWorlds?
Warband: John_The_Crusader Taleworlds:... I have been banned from there but i can still go other computer in there Very Happy

Are you over the age of 15?
I am 13 year old. But i am very factual and friendly.
I am not spammer.

Did you read and understand the Constitution of Istiniar?
Yes of course.

How good do you speak or understand English? Do you have a working microphone/headset?
Yes i got working microphone and teamspeak. I am not very good in english but i understand it.

Where are you from?
From Finland. Finland . Europe. North-Europe.

What are you favourite classes?
Infantry. I am good with spear.

How long have you been playing?
I start when beta come & I have been play long time orginal m&b.

Have you been in other clans for Warband?
Yes, In Samurai and Noble Order of the Platypus

Do you want to join the Military or the Civilian branch?

I am very active and friendly.
I have been leader of this clans:FIN, MC, WG.
Hopefully you can accept me. Smile
John The Crusader
John The Crusader

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Application - John [not accepted] Empty Re: Application - John [not accepted]

Post  SCGavin on Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:35 am

You are 13 years old, ie. younger then our age requirement, have been banned from TaleWorlds and left a great number of clans, while also applying for other clans like the 22nd more then once - the last time being quite shortly before applying here?

красный лис

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